Taxi travel

Information about using taxis in Northern Ireland if you have a reduced mobility.

Taxi travel

Booking a taxi

If possible always pre-book your taxi.  When you book:

  • say what time you want the taxi
  • say where you are and where you want to go
  • ask how much the fare will be

Remember to always carry the number of a taxi company when you go out.

Using a taxi

Not all taxis are wheelchair accessible.  Those that are have a wheelchair accessible logo on the front and back of roof signs

You can hail some taxis from the street.

A licensed taxi driver must have an ID badge showing their photograph and badge number.

When being picked up, don’t give the driver your name - ask who they are collecting, as an unlicensed taxi driver may just agree to whatever name you tell them.

When using a taxi:

  • you should always sit in the back
  • if you want to chat, keep it to things like the weather
  • you should always wear your seatbelt


Most taxis use taxi meters to work out the fare.

It is a good idea to check what the minimum fare is and make sure the taxi meter shows this amount before you set off. You should not be charged more than is shown on the taxi meter.

If the taxi does not have a taxi meter, ask the driver how much they think the fare will be. 

Get your money ready when you are near to where you're going.


If you are not happy with how you have been treated, make your complaint to the taxi company. 

Further information

Further information on the use of taxis can be found on the following page:

The Inclusive Mobility Transport Advisory Committee (imtac) has produced a factsheet detailing more information about using taxis.

A guide has also been developed for people with learning disabilities on using taxi services.


Reduced fares are not available for older people and people with disabilities for taxi travel.

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