Taxi safety

Travelling by taxi is generally very safe, but it is important to make sure the vehicle is licensed and to take sensible precautions.

Making sure your taxi is legal

Don't use a taxi if:

  • the driver appears to be under the influence of alcohol
  • the vehicle is in a state of disrepair
  • the vehicle is not displaying taxi licence signs in the windows
  • the driver has no ID badge

Hailing a taxi

When hailing a taxi on the street:

  • it must display a roof sign and window signs
  • it must have a taximeter and printer fitted 

All taxis with roof signs can be hailed in Belfast from midnight until 6.00 am every Friday and Saturday night, and on public holidays.

Booking a taxi

If booking a taxi, confirm on its arrival that the taxi is for you by checking the driver knows your name and destination.

You should also always:

  • try to pre-book at busy times or if you have special requirements, including use of a wheelchair
  • ask how much the fare is likely to be (if the taxi has a taximeter, the exact fare will not be known until the end of the journey) 
  • check the fare card displayed in the taxi against the taximeter reading  (where there is a taximeter) to make sure the fare you are charged is right
  • wear your seatbelt


  • distract the driver
  • drink alcohol
  • get in or out of the taxi while it’s moving
  • drop litter
  • spoil or damage the taxi - you may be liable to pay for this
  • smoke in the vehicle

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