Reduced Earnings Allowance

If you can't earn as much as you normally could because of an accident or disease caused by your work, you may be able to get Reduced Earnings Allowance.


You may qualify for Reduced Earnings Allowance if you're suffering from an illness or disability caused by a work-related accident or disease that happened before 1 October 1990.

All all of the following must also apply:

  • your level of disability is assessed to be at least 1 per cent
  • you can’t return to your regular occupation
  • you can’t do other work with the same level of earnings as your regular occupation

How much you will get

£71.60 per week is the maximum rate.

Your individual circumstances, for example whether you're working, can affect the amount you get. Contact the Industrial Injuries Branch for more details.

How it's paid

Direct Payment into an account is the Department for Communities' normal way of paying pensions and benefits. It is a safe, convenient and efficient method of payment.

Effect on benefits

The following benefits may be affected if you start to get Reduced Earnings Allowance:

How to claim

It's important to claim straight away or you could lose the benefit.

Contact the Industrial Injuries Branch or your local Jobs and Benefits office for a claim form. You can also download a form below.

You'll need to prove your identity when making a claim. You'll also have to answer questions about your circumstances and background and provide official documents to support that information.

Download a form

Download the Reduced Earnings Allowance claim form BI 103:

To claim, print out, fill in the claim form and post it to the office whose details are shown on the form or hand it in at your nearest  Jobs and Benefits office.

The date the claim form is received in a Jobs and Benefits office is the date payment can be considered from - not the date you downloaded the claim form.

If your circumstances change

Tell the Industrial Injuries Branch or your local  Jobs and Benefits office if your circumstances change. Although in most cases this is unlikely to affect Reduced Earnings Allowance payments.

Changes that don't affect the payment include:

  • going into hospital
  • going into a nursing home or residential care

If you leave the UK to live permanently outside the European Economic Area (EEA), you may not be able to get Reduced Earnings Allowance.

If it's a temporary visit, you can usually claim for the first three months of your stay. This can be longer in special circumstances but you'll need to check with Industrial Injuries Branch to see if you qualify.

What else you need to know

If you get more than £2 a week Reduced Earnings Allowance when you reach State Pension age and you're not in regular employment, it will be replaced by another benefit called Retirement Allowance.

There is another kind of benefit, Industrial Injuries Disablement Benefit, for people who have become disabled as a result of an accident or disease at work.

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