Reapply for your driving licence when medically fit

You must renew your driving licence after surrendering it or having it revoked by the Driver & Vehicle Agency (DVA) before you start driving again. Find out what you need to do to reapply for your driving licence.

Checking your health

You should check with your doctor that you can meet the medical standards of fitness to drive before you reapply for your driving licence. These standards are set out in the 'At a glance guide to the current standards of fitness to drive'. All medical practitioners have access to this publication.

How to re-apply for your car or motorcycle driving licence

When your doctor advises you that you are fit to drive and you decide to apply for the restoration of your driving licence, medical enquiries will need to be made.

Following voluntary surrender, the law provides cover to drive under the Road Traffic (Northern Ireland) Order, 1981 while these enquiries are being carried out. This means that as soon as your application is received by DVA you may resume driving provided you meet the criteria which is outline at the link below:

If your licence was revoked by DVA you will have to wait until all medical enquiries are complete and your licence issued before getting behind the wheel.

To apply you'll need to fill in a DL1 application form. The DL1 application form is available from main Post Office® branches or MOT test centres. Any relevant Medical Questionnaires will be issued by the medical section once the DL1 form has been received; you can request the forms by:

How to reapply for your lorry or bus driving licence

You'll need to fill in a DL1 application form and the medical questionnaire relevant to your condition.

The DL1 application form is available from main Post Office® branches or MOT test centres, or you can request the forms by:

Until the age of 65 you need to submit a DLM1 medical form every five years. From the age of 65, licences are issued for one year and each renewal must be accompanied by a completed medical report form DLM1.

Change of name

If your name has changed since your last licence was issued, you'll need to provide evidence of your change of name. The details you provide must show a clear link between the name on your identity document and your current name.

Where to send your application

You can send your completed application to DVA by post to:

Drivers Medical Section
Castlerock Road
BT51 3TB

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