Drivers with diabetes on insulin or other medication

Anyone who is under insulin control for their diabetes or is treated by tablets in the Sulphonylurea or Glinide class, may apply for or renew vocational entitlements to drive categories C1, C1E, D1, D1E, C, CE, D or DE.

Applying for or renewing vocational entitlements

Stage one – application forms

  • request application form DL1(NI) and a DIAB1 (VOC) medical questionnaire from Driver & Vehicle Agency (DVA) customer services by telephoning 0300 200 7861
  • complete and return these to DVA for assessment before moving onto stage two

Stage two – your own doctor's medical questionnaire

  • if you are cleared to move on to stage two, you will be issued with form DIAB2 (VOC) medical questionnaire
  • this form will be sent to either your own GP or your diabetes consultant (whoever manages your condition)
  • DVA will pay for any fee charged for this questionnaire
  • if required, you may also be issued with a DLM1 Medical Examination Report which must be completed by your own doctor*
  • you are responsible for any fees that may be charged for completing the DLM1 form

* Read the ‘Further guidance’ section below for information on whether a DLM1 form is required.

Stage three (insulin treatment) – specialist medical questionnaire and examination

This stage only applies to those treated with insulin.

  • an independent hospital consultant who specialises in the treatment of diabetes will be nominated by DVA - the consultant will complete an Annual Diabetes Examination report based on an examination and assessment of you
  • at the examination, the consultant will need to see the preceding three months continuous blood sugar/glucose readings available on a blood sugar/glucose meter with memory function and covering a three month period during which you were on insulin
  • DVA will pay the fee for this examination

Qualifying conditions you must meet before your application is considered

  • you have had no hypoglycaemic event requiring the help of another person in the last 12 months
  • you must have full awareness of the symptoms of hypoglycaemia
  • you must be able to show an understanding of the risks of hypoglycaemia
  • you must check your blood sugar/glucose levels at least twice daily and at times relevant to driving
  • you must keep a fast acting carbohydrate in your vehicle at all times when driving
  • you must have no other medical condition which would make you a danger when driving using any vocational entitlement
  • you will be required to sign an agreement to keep to the directions of doctors treating your diabetes and immediately report any significant change to your condition to DVA

Additional conditions for people treated with insulin

  • you must do blood sugar/ glucose monitoring using a meter with a memory function to measure and record blood glucose levels
  • you will be required to go to an examination every 12 months with a consultant specialising in the treatment of diabetes. You must have at least three months of a continuous set of blood sugar/ glucose readings available on the memory of your meter for the consultant to inspect
  • you should have been on insulin during this period and the readings are for the three month period preceding the date of the assessment

Further guidance

  • on your first application for Group two entitlement, you must complete form DLM1
  • a DLM1 will be required every five years until the age of 65. From age 65 a DLM1 will be required every 12 months
  • do not send in an application if you cannot meet the qualifying conditions or if you have any other condition which would prevent you from holding a vocational licence category
  • if you are required to undergo annual medical examination and the report issued by the independent diabetes specialist indicates that you meet the required medical standards, your Group two licence may only be issued for a period of one year, with renewal of the licence depending on further medical examination

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