A guide for drivers with heart conditions

The role of the Medical Section within Driver & Vehicle Agency (DVA) is to promote road safety by establishing whether drivers who have medical conditions can satisfy the medical standards of fitness required for safe driving.

Driving with a heart condition

There are some circumstances in which DVA don't routinely require notification. The information below indicates the position for drivers who hold a car, moped or motorcycle driving licence (group one) who may have a heart condition.

You should observe the guidance in this section and seek your doctor’s approval to restart driving after suffering from any of the following conditions. You are not required to tell DVA of the following conditions:

  • heart attack (acute coronary syndrome to include myocardial infarction)
  • coronary artery by-pass surgery (CABG)
  • coronary angioplasty (also known as percutaneous coronary intervention)
  • heart valve disease/surgery
  • angina

Acute coronary syndrome including heart attack/heart operation

You should not drive for at least one month after such an event.

Coronary angioplasty

You should not drive for at least one week after this procedure.


You may continue to drive if you have angina (regardless of the need for medication) unless it occurs while driving or with emotion. If it does, you must stop driving and only restart when satisfactory symptom control has been achieved.

If you wish to tell DVA about your condition you can contact DVA:

Surrendering your licence

If you have been advised by your doctor that you shouldn’t be driving, you may voluntarily surrender your licence and reapply for it’s return in the future when you have the support of your doctor(s).

GP fees

DVA will pay the fee to your GP (doctor) for them to fill in medical form(s) on the first occasion only. Payment for duplications will be your responsibility.

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