Improvements to a Housing Executive property

Many tenants wish to carry out improvements or alterations to their home. Under your tenancy agreement you have the right to carry out improvements to your Housing Executive property, such as fitting a new bathroom suite, replacing kitchen units or building a new fireplace.

Self-help repairs 

You can do minor repairs yourself under the Tenant Self Help Repair Scheme and the Housing Executive will meet the cost up to a maximum of £200.

The Scheme covers most minor repairs such as replacing defective doors, re-tiling a floor or even replacing slates. Urgent or major electrical work or plumbing is not included in the Scheme, and for minor plumbing or electrical work, you must use a qualified contractor.

The content of the work you would like to do must be agreed beforehand with the Maintenance Officer at your local District Office who will also tell you what level of payment you can expect to receive.

You must always get the go-ahead from your District Office before starting work. The Housing Executive also reserves the right to inspect any work carried out and to withhold payment until the work is completed satisfactorily. Please use the link below to find your local Housing Executive district office:

How it works

If you would like to tackle the job yourself, here’s what to do:

Check your Tenancy Agreement, which will show if the repair would normally be the Housing Executive’s responsibility. If it is, contact your district office, telling them the exact nature and extent of the repairs needed and that you would like to carry it out under the Self Help Repairs Scheme.

For repairs costing under £200 in total you will be told the amount that the Housing Executive is prepared to pay. If the repairs cost over £200 you can still carry them out, provided you meet the difference between the £200 limit and the full cost of the repair

When you apply to use Self Help, a maintenance officer will visit your home and inspect the item that needs repaired. If it is suitable to use the Self Help Scheme, the maintenance officer will complete a works order giving details of the repair and the value of the work.

When the repairs have been completed you must send the relevant copy of the works order to your district office. When NIHE receive this a maintenance officer will call out to inspect the finished work. If the work has been completed satisfactorily the maintenance officer will agree the amount to be paid.

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