Gortnamoyagh Forest

Gortnamoyagh Forest has scenic views and remote areas of forest. Covering 930 hectares of mainly upland, coniferous forest, the elevation ranges from 623 feet to 820 feet above sea level.


Walking through areas of Gortnamoyagh Forest provides the opportunity to see many types of wildlife including; buzzards, kestrels, ravens and jays.

There are no facilities for recreational activities provided. The public are welcome to visit on foot.

To arrange a special event or activity in this forest, such as sporting events or educational visits, contact the recreation manager at Garvagh Forest Office.

There may be restrictions on access to parts of the forest from time to time due to forest operations so pay attention to safety signage. 

About this forest

Travel three miles west of Garvagh town and you will enter Gortnamoyagh Forest, which straddles the North Sperrins ridge.

Gortnamoyagh Forest is split into three distinct blocks, all of which are readily accessible from the main Garvagh to Dungiven road. The forest is predominantly sitka spruce, with other conifer species such as Japanese larch, Scots pine and Norway spruce.

‘The Rock’ is an interesting feature, located halfway to the main forest block and close to Beer’s Bridge, where it is said that St John who actually lived in this area, flew from the rock to officiate at Mass in nearby Churchtown and left the impression of his foot on the rock. His footprint can still be seen on the rock today.

This may also have been a swearing in place for the ancient chieftains in the area. The newly appointed would have put their foot into the indentation on the rock.

The forest is open every day from 8.00 am until sunset for pedestrian access only.

How to get there

This forest is situated three miles west of Garvagh, on the main Garvagh to Dungiven road.

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