Getting licence back after disqualification

If you have been disqualified for 56 days or more, you must apply for a new driving licence before you start to drive. By law, you cannot apply for a driving licence before your disqualification period has ended.

What you need to do

You will need to:

Driver Licensing Division
Castlerock Road
BT51 3TB

If your name has changed you’ll also need to send (along with the above) original documentation confirming your new name.

For information on what documents are acceptable and how to use Driver & Vehicle Agency's (DVA) checking service, follow the links below:

When to expect your new driving licence

DVA aims to deliver your driving licence to you within three weeks of receiving your application. It’ll take longer if your health or personal details have to be checked.

Allow at least three weeks for your driving licence to arrive before contacting DVA.

If you’re disqualified for some alcohol related offences, DVA will make medical enquiries before your driving licence can be renewed. These offences are:

  • disqualified with an alcohol level of over: 200mg in 100ml of blood; or 87.5mg in 100ml of breath; or 267.5mg in 100ml of urine
  • disqualified twice in 10 years for certain alcohol related offences
  • disqualified for failing or refusing to give a specimen (blood, breath or urine) for testing

When your licence is issued it’ll have a number of added security features.

Driving before your licence is returned

Once DVA has received your valid application you can drive before you receive your licence as long as you:

  • have held a Northern Ireland or Great Britain licence issued since 1 January 1976 or another exchangeable licence
  • have made a qualifying application for a licence
  • aren’t disqualified from driving
  • haven’t been refused a licence for medical reasons or for failing to comply with medical enquiries
  • wouldn’t be refused a licence for medical reasons (if in doubt, check with your doctor)
  • keep to any special conditions which apply to the licence

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