Courses for drink drive offenders

If you have been convicted of a drink driving offence, the courts in Northern Ireland can offer to refer you for enrolment on a voluntary course aimed at drink drive offenders. Speak to your solicitor about the possibility of attending a course.

A similar scheme exists in Great Britain (GB).  However, for legislative reasons, it is not possible at this time for a person disqualified in Northern Ireland to complete the course in GB or vice versa – so, if you have been convicted by a court in GB you will not be able to complete the course in Northern Ireland. 

What the course covers

You can only go to the course for drink drive offenders if the magistrate has offered to refer you. The course aims to prevent you from re-offending by showing you:

  • the effects of alcohol on your driving, the legal alcohol limits for drivers and what it represents
  • how you can still be over the limit and/or affected by alcohol the ‘morning after’
  • the legal consequences of drink driving, including disqualification and other penalties, and the high risk offender scheme
  • how you can be arrested for a 'drink driving' offence if you are sleeping in a car after drinking
  • the effects of alcohol on your body, alcohol-related illnesses and sensible drinking (the course doesn’t try to get you to give up alcohol and doesn't provide a counselling service)
  • alternatives to drink driving and ways to avoid reoffending
  • the loss suffered by relatives of victims of drink drivers

You will be given details of how to re-apply for your licence, together with details of insurance companies that offer reasonable rates for people who have completed the course.

If you complete the course successfully

When you have completed the course:

  • your period of disqualification could be reduced by up to 25 per cent
  • you will understand the effects of alcohol on driving, how long alcohol stays in your system and what effect it might have on you the next morning
  • it may help you to access reduced rates of vehicle insurance

Cost of course 

The course fee is currently £155 and you can pay by instalments.

There is a reduced fee of £110 if you are on benefits, in full-time education or receive a pension. You can ask about this when you speak to the training provider.

Contacting the training provider

TTC is appointed by the Department for Infrastructure (DfI) to deliver the Drink Drive Course.  For more information:

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