Claiming State Pension

When to claim your State Pension and options for doing it online, by telephone and by post, including what information you'll need.

You won’t get your State Pension automatically - you have to claim it.

When to claim your State Pension

You won't get your State Pension automatically - you have to claim it. You can make your claim if you are within four months of reaching State Pension age and live in Northern Ireland. 

You should receive an invitation to claim at least two months before your State Pension age. You can use the online calculator, at the link below, to find out when you'll reach State Pension age:

If you have not heard from the Northern Ireland Pension Centre within two months of your State Pension age, you will need to contact them:

How to claim your State Pension

You can claim your State Pension online, by telephone or by post.


To claim online, go to:


You can still claim State Pension by telephone. Contact the State Pension Claim line at the link below:


You can also download the State Pension claim form, print, then complete and send it to the Northern Ireland Pension Centre. This may take more time than claiming by telephone. You can find the form at the link below:

What you need when you make your claim

You may need the following information when you make a claim:

  • your National Insurance number
  • your current address and postcode, plus your last two addresses
  • your husband’s, wife’s or civil partner’s details, if you are married or you’re in a civil partnership, including their National Insurance number
  • the date of your marriage or civil partnership
  • relevant details if you’re divorced or widowed or your civil partnership has been dissolved or you’re a surviving civil partner
  • details of any social security benefits or entitlements that you or your husband, wife or civil partner receives or is waiting to hear about
  • your social security number and relevant dates you were outside the UK - if you have ever lived or worked outside the UK
  • details of the account you wish to have your State Pension paid directly into

All the information you give is confidential.

How State Pension is paid

Your State Pension is paid directly into your bank, building society, Post Office or National Savings account that accepts Direct Debit payment.

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