Using a static caravan for holiday purposes

Buying a caravan holiday home involves significant financial outlay. You need to understand the terms of the agreement you are being offered to keep the caravan on a holiday site

Written statement of agreement

When you hire a pitch in a caravan park you have to enter into a binding legal agreement with the site owner.

You both have rights and obligations under such an arrangement and it is essential you know what these are.

To help you understand the terms of the agreement being offered, site owners must give the proposed occupier of a holiday site a written statement (agreement) setting out the following:

  • name and address of each party
  • details of the land where the caravan is to be sited
  • express terms contained in the Agreement
  • implied terms of the agreement dealing with Occupiers Associations

Express terms

Express terms clearly set out the terms of the contract between the site owner and the occupier and normally include:

  • length of the Agreement
  • site fees
  • park rules
  • periods during the year when the caravan can be used
  • termination of the Agreement (by either party)
  • resolution of disputes
  • the rights or obligations of the parties about any specific matters likely to arise during the lifetime of the Agreement (such as moving or re-siting the caravan or access by the park owner to the caravan)

When you should receive your written statement

Most people will start discussions about renting a pitch long before they actually make the agreement to rent it. By law the Written Statement should be given at least 28 days before the date the agreement is made.

If this is not possible, because you want to get onto the site more quickly, then you must agree this with the park owner in writing.

This law also applies to touring caravans, which occupy a pitch on a caravan site for a continuous period of more than 28 days.

You can find more detailed information and advice on buying and owning a holiday caravan home in the guidance in the link below:

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