Having a caravan as your main home

If you live in a caravan as your main home, your rights and the caravan-site owner's rights are protected.

Agreement between a permanent resident and the site owner

Owners of protected caravan sites must give resident occupiers a written statement, setting out the terms and conditions of the agreement between the site owner and the occupier.

The written statement must include:

  • names and addresses of the site owner and occupier
  • details of the land where the caravan is sited
  • implied terms - these apply to all occupancies
  • express terms

Implied terms

Implied terms must be contained in all written statements including:

  • length of the agreement
  • conditions which apply to ending the agreement by the occupier
  • conditions which apply to ending the agreement by the site owner
  • what happens if the occupier wants to sell, re-site or gift the caravan
  • the occupier's right to quiet enjoyment of the caravan
  • the site owner's right of entry to the site
  • the site fee and what must be done before this can be changed
  • the occupier's obligations
  • the site owner's obligations
  • the site owner's name and address
  • details of any residents' association operating on the site

Express terms

Express terms are any other terms that the site owner feels are relevant and may include:

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