Residents associations' and occupiers associations

Caravan owners, whether permanent residents or holiday occupiers of caravan parks, can form associations to talk to the site owner about things that may affect them.

Residents' associations

Permanent residents of caravan parks may form a residents' association, provided it meets the terms of the legislation. The site owner must meet the association about changes or improvements to the site.

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Occupiers' associations

Holiday caravan owners on holiday parks can form an occupiers’ association. If an occupiers’ association is formed on a park, the park owner must meet the association about:

  • the operation and management of the park
  • any changes which may affect the occupiers

The park owner must talk with the occupiers association if the following conditions are fulfilled:

  • at least 50 per cent of the occupiers of the caravans on the park are members of the association - in determining the number of occupiers each caravan is taken to have only one occupier
  • the association is independent from the park owner - employees and agents of the park owner are also excluded from joining the association
  • membership is open to all occupiers who own a caravan on the park
  • the association maintains a list of members which is open to public inspection together with the rules and constitution of the association
  • the association has a chairman, secretary and treasurer elected by and from the members
  • decisions of the association are taken by voting with only one vote per caravan, apart from administrative decisions taken by the chairman, secretary and treasurer acting in their official capacities
  • the park owner has acknowledged in writing to the secretary that the association is a qualifying occupiers’ association

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