Sure Start Maternity Grant

If you’re on a low income and get certain benefits or tax credits, you could get a Sure Start Maternity Grant. This is a one-off, tax-free payment to help towards the cost of maternity and baby items.


Usually to qualify for a Sure Start Maternity Grant there must be no other children in your family and you must get one of the following benefits:

You may also be eligible if you get Support for Mortgage Interest loan payments.

If you already have children under 16

You may still be able to get a grant if either:

  • you’re expecting a multiple birth, such as twins
  • the child you’re caring for is someone else's (but not your partner’s) and the child was over 12 months old when the arrangement started

If you’re not giving birth

You may be able to get a grant if a dependant of yours, who is under 20 years of age and who you receive benefit for, is:

  • expecting their first child
  • expecting a multiple birth (twins or triplets) and have children already

You may also be able to get a grant if you’re adopting or becoming a surrogate parent.

The baby must be less than one year old on the date you claim. You must get one of the benefits above and one of the following must apply:

  • you’ve become responsible for the baby and you’re not the mother
  • the baby has been placed with you for adoption
  • you’ve got permission to adopt a baby from abroad
  • you’ve got a parental order for a surrogate birth
  • you’ve been appointed as guardian
  • you’ve an adoption or a residence order

How much you'll get

A Sure Start Maternity Grant is £500 and you don’t have to pay it back.

If you already have children

If you already have children under 16, you can only get a grant if you’re expecting a multiple birth.

Children under 16  Grant if you have twins Grant if you have triplets
You have one or more (and none of them are from multiple births) £500 £1,000
You have already had twins  £0 £500
You have already had triplets £0 £0

    How to claim

    Print and fill in claim form SF100 (Sure Start). A health professional (doctor, midwife or health visitor) must sign the health professionals’ statement at the back of your claim form.

    You can also request a claim form from Lisburn Jobs and Benefits office or collect one in person from your nearest Jobs and Benefits office.

    There’s a different form and postal address if you live in England or Wales. If you live in Scotland, you need to apply for Pregnancy and Baby Payment.

    You’ll get a letter telling you if your claim was successful. If you get Universal Credit, you won’t get a decision on your claim until after your next payment.

    Time limits

    You can claim from 11 weeks before the week your baby is due. The latest you can claim is six months after your baby is born.

    If you're responsible for a child through adoption, you must claim within six months of the child being placed with you.

    Important: The date the claim form is received in a Department for Communities office is the date it can consider payment from - not the date you downloaded the claim form.

    How to appeal

    You can appeal the decision about your Sure Start Maternity Grant if you’re unhappy with it.

    Help and advice

    You can get more information about Sure Start Maternity Grants from Lisburn Jobs and Benefits office.

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