Summoned to jury service

If you're selected for jury service, you’ll receive a summons about 10 days before the first day you’re due in court. The jury summons tells you the court, date and time. When you're called for jury service at a court, you mightn't serve as a juror on a trial.

Getting a jury summons

You will see a jury panel number in the top right corner of the jury summons. Any time you need to contact the  jury management team, you should quote this jury panel number.

A jury summons is only for the person named on it. It cannot be transferred to anyone else.

If your circumstances changed since you received your jury notice, you might not be eligible for jury service. For example, if you have been charged with an offence and put on bail. Read the summons carefully and follow any instructions.

Apply for an excusal or deferral

If you are summoned to court for jury service, you may have a reason why you can't be there. Sometimes a judge can allow you to put back your service until a later date or excuse you for that sitting, a particular trial or period of time if you have a good reason.

To make an application for excusal or deferral, you need to:

  • complete Part II of your jury summons
  • provide any supporting documents or evidence 

Below are examples of supporting documents you might need for an excusal or deferral.

Reason for excusal supporting documents
sickness or physical disability medical certificate 
educational course letter from your college or university confirming your attendance
holiday booking confirmation or tickets

Send your application and supporting documents, to the Customer Service Centre. The address is on your summons. 

You can contact the Customer Service Centre if you need more advice.

Fines for non-attendance

You might need to pay a fine if you:

  • don't reply to the summons
  • don't go to jury service without good reason
  • aren't available to be a juror when your name is called
  • aren't fit to be a juror because you've been drinking or taking drugs

When to go to court

Your jury summons will tell you the date, time and where you should go for your first day of jury service. Juries officers will tell you about any other dates. You can also check Juryline information.

Sometimes the judge might decide that not all panel members will be required. You can check each evening before your court date by telephoning the free Juryline number.

Making arrangements for attending court

You can tell anyone that you have been called for jury service. But it's an offence to give information about any other juror called for jury service.

You should tell anyone that may be affected by you serving on a jury. You should tell your employer immediately to see if your salary or wages will continue while you are on jury service.

If you work night-shift, contact the jury officer before you go to court for guidance on your night-shift hours.

If you have a childminder, you should tell them they might need to do additional hours.

If you take holiday leave from work to do jury service, the Northern Ireland Courts and Tribunals Service can only pay you for the time you're at court.

To read more about jury allowances, go to:

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