Claiming juror allowances

If you have been summoned to jury service, you can claim allowances for travel, meals or financial loss over the time you had to be at court. You get a claim form with your jury summons. You must send your claim within 14 days of doing jury service.

How to claim

The claim form is with your jury summons. You can claim:

  • daily travelling allowance – for the return journey from your home or work to court
  • meal allowance – if a meal is not provided at public expense
  • financial loss allowance – for loss of earnings, benefit or expenses

You have 14 days from the date your jury service ends to complete the claim form and return it, along with all your receipts, to the Northern Ireland Courts and Tribunals Customer Service Centre

If you are claiming financial loss, make sure your employer completes the employer’s certificate at the back of the jury summons. 

The claim will normally be paid within 10 days of receiving a correctly-completed form. You will be paid by cheque or if you fill in your bank details on the claim form, directly into your bank account. 

Daily travel allowance

You can claim the cost of the return journey from your home or work to court. You must keep all bus, train and car parking receipts and return them with your claim form.

If you are driving to and from court, you claim for mileage costs. This will be paid at either the standard rate for public transport or at the set mileage rate of 25.7 pence per mile. 


A taxi must only be used:

  • in cases of an emergency
  • where public transport is not available
  • where it is cheaper than public transport

You must get permission from the Juries Officer before you hire a taxi to take you to court.

Meal allowance

You can only claim for a meal allowance, if the court does not give you a meal. Most courts will give jurors lunch when required.

If you do need to claim for a meal allowance, you must provide receipts to show you are entitled to the allowance. You can only claim for the amount you spend, up to the maximum of the allowance.

The maximum allowance will depend on how long you were at court. 

Hours in court maximum allowance per day
more than five hours but less than 10 hours £5.71
longer than 10 hours £12.17 

Financial loss

You can claim for financial loss, including loss of earnings, but there is a limit to what you can be paid. Financial loss can include:

  • loss of earnings
  • childcare
  • National Insurance contributions
  • pension contributions 

If you are losing more than the maximum allowance, the difference cannot be paid by the court. 

What you can claim will depend on how long you are in court each day and how many days you have to be there.

Days in court hours per day maximum allowance per day
first 10 days less than four hours £32.47
first 10 days more than four hours £64.95
11 days onwards less than four hours £64.95 
11 days onwards more than four hours £129.91

Childcare costs

Chidcare costs are allowed as financial loss. If you claim for childcare costs as well as loss of earnings, benefits or expenses, the total amount you can be paid cannot be more than the maximum allowance.

You must provide proof of your childcare costs, for example a letter from your childminder confirming their fees and the dates on when they looked after your children.




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