Receiving a jury notice

Each year, around 33,000 people on the Electoral Register are randomly selected and receive a jury notice. People who get a jury notice could be called for jury service later. When you get a jury notice, you must complete a Form of Return online or by post.

If you receive a jury notice

If you receive a jury notice, you could be called for jury service at any time over twelve months, from the beginning of July to the end of June the following year.

Exemptions from serving as a juror

Some people are exempt from serving as a juror. There are different reasons for excusing someone from jury service. The jury notice lists who is exempt from jury service.

If you're too ill to do jury service

If you're ill and unlikely to recover between receiving a jury notice and being summonsed for jury service, you should speak to your GP. They might certify you unfit for jury service. The GP should not charge for this service. You should send any medical certificate with your Form of Return to the Juries Officer.

If your GP charges you, the Courts and Tribunals Service won't pay this cost.

If you changed address

If selected for jury service and your address has changed, you must let the Northern Ireland Courts and Tribunals Service know.

You should attach a letter to your jury notice telling the Juries Officer your new address.

If you lose the jury notice

If your jury notice is lost, you can:

Summoned to jury service

When you're selected for jury service, you'll receive a jury summons. This usually allows you at least 10 days' notice to make arrangements to be at court. 

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