Severe weather, flooding and drought

Local and national weather reports should give you advance warning of severe weather or flooding. Keeping informed about wet weather and heatwaves means you can act to protect yourself and your home from the effects of flood and drought.

Weather forecasts


The Met Office works with the Rivers Agency, TransportNI and NI Water to forecast areas where floods are likely.

If you need to report a flood, ring the Flooding Incident Line on 0300 2000 100.

You can find out more about flooding on the following nidirect pages.


Sunny weather is something everyone looks forward to, but a heatwave can cause unexpected problems.

Your health can be affected by hot weather if you are not prepared, and water supplies can become depleted. Use the advice and tips below to reduce the discomfort of a heatwave and plan water saving.

The Met Office and the BBC websites are good sources of information to check about the probability of a heatwave in the UK.

Drought and water saving tips

By thinking carefully about your water use in the home and changing some water wasting habits, it is easy to save water.


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