Energy, power supply and utilities

In an emergency, your gas, electricity or water supplier should keep you informed about service disruptions. If you have any concerns about your supply you can find useful contact information for the relevant organisations on this page.

Utility regulation

The Northern Ireland Authority for Utility Regulation (NIAUR) is an independent public body set up to ensure the effective regulation of the electricity, gas, and water and sewerage industries in Northern Ireland.

Northern Ireland Water

Northern Ireland Water is a Government Owned Company (GoCo), set up to provide the water and sewerage services in Northern Ireland.

If you have any concerns over burst pipes or your water supply you can use the contact information below.

Northern Ireland Electricity

Northern Ireland Electricity (NIE) owns and maintains Northern Ireland’s electricity networks. In the event of a power cut you can contact its customer helpline on the following phone number:

Northern Ireland Gas Emergency Service

If you smell gas you should do the following:

  • turn off the gas supply at the meter
  • open all windows and doors
  • do not turn any electrical equipment on or off

You should immediately contact the Gas Emergency Service on the following number:

  • 0800 002 001

If you have any concerns about unsafe gas equipment you should contact a Gas Safe registered engineer who can inspect the equipment and make any repairs. You can find information on Gas Safe registered engineers at the link below.

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