Gas Safe Register

Gas Safe Register replaced CORGI in Northern Ireland on 1 April 2010. It is the official hallmark for gas safety. Gas Safe Register manages the register of gas engineers who are properly qualified to work with gas in Northern Ireland.

More about the Gas Safe Register

Gas Safe Register protects you from dangerous gas work. You can make sure that gas appliances such as boilers, fires and cookers are installed, maintained and serviced safely by using a registered engineer.

Gas engineers must be on the register to carry out work on gas installations and appliances safely and legally.

If someone other than a Gas Safe registered engineer does the work in your home, you could be risking peoples' lives.

Poorly maintained, badly installed or faulty gas appliances could put you at risk from gas leaks, fire, explosions and carbon monoxide poisoning.

Carbon monoxide is a highly poisonous gas which you can't see, taste or smell, but it can kill quickly with no warning.

How to find a Gas Safe registered engineer

All Gas Safe registered engineers are listed on the website.

Alternatively you can call and an advisor will be able to help you find a registered engineer in your area. The freephone number is:

  • 0800 408 5500

How do I know that my engineer is on the Gas Safe Register?

All Gas Safe registered engineers carry an ID card showing the type of work they are qualified to do. Before any gas work is carried out, always ask to see the engineer's ID card.

You can also use the website address and phone number listed above to confirm that the engineer is registered.

You can find more information on the scheme by using the following links:

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