Gas Safe Register

Gas Safe Register is the official registration for all gas engineers in Northern Ireland. By law, all gas engineers must be on the register and hold current qualifications to install, repair or maintain domestic gas appliances.

Gas safety at home

When you need a gas appliance installed, maintained or serviced in your home, use the Gas Safe Register to find a qualified, registered gas engineer. 

Gas engineers must be on the register to do safe and legal gas installations and  service gas appliances.

Risks with an unregistered gas worker

If you allow someone who isn't  a Gas Safe-registered engineer to inspect or work on a gas boiler, cooker or fire in your home, they might not be qualified to do the work safely. 

You could be putting lives at risk. Poorly maintained, badly installed or faulty gas appliances can cause:

  • gas leaks
  • fire
  • explosions
  • carbon monoxide poisoning

Carbon monoxide is a highly poisonous gas which you can't see, taste or smell, but it can kill quickly without warning.

Find a Gas Safe registered engineer

All Gas Safe-registered engineers are listed on the website. Use your postcode to find Gas Safe-registered engineers in your area

You  can telephone an advisor to help you find a registered engineer in your area. The freephone number is:

  • 0800 408 5500

Gas Safe Register ID card

All Gas Safe-registered engineers carry an ID card with information on the front and back. Before an engineer does any gas work in your home, always ask to see the engineer's ID card.  On the front of the card, check:

  • engineers's photograph
  • start and expiry dates
  • licence number
  • security hologram
  • engineer is from the business you contacted

On the back of the card, check:

  • engineer's qualification to do gas work you asked them to do
  • engineer's qualifications are current

Checking an engineer is registered

You can also use the Gas Safe Register website  to confirm an engineer is on the register.

The downloadable leaflets about the Gas Safe Register show a sample ID card for an engineer on the Gas Safe Register.

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