Regional centres for cataracts and varicose veins treatment

If you are waiting to be assessed or treated for either cataracts or varicose veins, this will be carried out in a specialist centre.

About the specialist centres

The specialist centres are called Regional Assessment and Surgery Centres. These centres provide assessment and treatment for a person needing routine surgery for cataracts or varicose veins.

The aim of having the services on specialist sites is to help reduce:

  • waiting times for appointments
  • cancellation of appointments
  • cancellation of treatment (due to emergency surgery pressures at other sites)

Where there are clinical reasons, decided by a health consultant, a person may be seen at another hospital.

The centres are currently prototypes. However, there are plans that all routine treatment for cataracts and varicose veins will be carried out at the specialist sites in the future.

Regional Assessment and Surgery Centre video

A video showing what you can expect when you get an appointment at one of the specialist centres can be found at the link below:

Location of the centres

The centres for surgery for cataracts are at:

The centres for treatment of varicose veins are at:

Getting treatment for cataracts and varicose veins

Your doctor or optometrist will refer you if you need treatment for cataracts. Your doctor will refer you if you need treatment for varicose veins.

You will then receive an appointment letter. This letter will have:

  • contact details for the booking office – this is the number to phone to make an appointment


  • information about your procedure and the specialist centre it will take place

Your GP or optometrist can also answer any questions you may have about your treatment options.

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