Community nurses and health visitors

If you need nursing care or support at home, a community nurse or health visitor could help.

Health visitors

Community nurses (also known as health visitors) are registered nurses who work in the community: in people's homes, in schools and in local surgeries and health centres. The people they work with may be ill or have a disability.

Community nurses also look after people whose health may be particularly vulnerable, such as older people, children, or people with learning disabilities. They visit people at home to provide health care - for example, changing dressings or giving injections - and help people get any home nursing aids and equipment they need.

Community nurses can provide help and advice on a wide range of health issues. They may also teach families and carers basic care-giving skills.

Community nurses work closely with General Practitioners (GPs), local social services and hospitals. Your GP can refer you to a community nursing service. If you are leaving hospital, the hospital may arrange for a community nurse to visit you regularly as part of your 'continuing care' arrangements.

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