PRONI Enquiry Service

If you are unable to visit PRONI in person and have questions about our archive, the PRONI enquiry Service can help provide advice and guidance and offer fee-paying Copy and Search Services.

What is the PRONI enquiry service?

PRONI's enquiry service provides free advice and guidance about the records we hold in response to written/email enquiries.  In addition, PRONI offers  fee-paying services including  a Search Service and a Copy Order Service. 

Free advice and guidance:

We will answer general enquiries about PRONI records free of charge - for example, if you are asking whether or not we hold records of a particular school, church or landed estate.  We can also provide information on PRONI services and our programme of talks, workshops and events.

Fee Paying Services:

PRONI also offers fee-paying services in response to remote enquiries, including a Search Service and a Copy Order Service. 

Search Service

The aim of the PRONI Search Service is to provide that vital piece of information to assist you with your own research.  A straightforward search can help you to verify existing family knowledge, find the ‘missing link’ overlooked on previous research visits, or just give you a basic starting point.

The Search Service we offer is limited to requests for specific information in clearly identified archives.  For example, a baptism, marriage or burial entry in a particular church record.  A search fee will cover a search for an individual or event within a particular archive over an identified 10 year period.  There is a maximum of 5 searches per request.

Before we undertake any searching we will confirm with you what we will be looking for and the records we will be using.  Only when this has been agreed and payment has been received do we proceed with your order.

Our fees are based on the time spent to carry out a search or copy order and not on the results. Please note the cost agreed is for undertaking the requested search and no guarantee can be given that the required information will be found.  There are no refunds for unsuccessful searches.

The Search Fee includes a complimentary reference paper/digital copy of any result found.  If you would like a high resolution paper/digital copy of a search result, there may be additional reprographic costs (see table below). Any additional copying/costs would be agreed with you in advance.

  • PRONI does not offer a comprehensive genealogical service
  • We do not undertake research - for example, we will not interpret the content or relevance of documents to your particular interests
  • We do not undertake ‘speculative’ searches - for example, we cannot provide details of every individual with a particular surname that appears on a register/record

If you wish someone to carry out research on your behalf, you could consider contacting an independent commercial researcher.

Copy Order Service

The Copy Order Service provides copies of records based on the specific PRONI references provided by the customer. 

There is a copy administration fee plus the cost of reprographics, and any additional costs such as special attention order costs and/or postage and packaging if required. 

No searching is undertaken by PRONI staff as part of a copy order.  We will verify that the record copied matches the document reference you have identified.  We cannot verify the content of the record or confirm whether or not it is relevant to your research. 


You can also request that copies of PRONI documents be certified for legal purposes. Certification fees are charged per page (price listed below).

How do I identify what records might be relevant to my research?

You can search PRONI’s eCatalogue or our various guides to PRONI records which will help you attain a PRONI reference number for your search or copy request.

If you are still unsure which records are relevant, write to us outlining your research query and we can advise further (see free advice and guidance above).

How do I submit an enquiry?

To request a search, you can contact us by e-mail or letter (details below) or alternatively complete a PRONI Enquiry form.

Public Record Office of Northern Ireland
2 Titanic Boulevard
Titanic Quarter


Telephone: 028 9053 4800

Any contact details you supply will be processed in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the Data Protection Act 2018. Further information can be found on the DfC Privacy Notice.

Please do not send any money in advance.  When your request is received we will contact you to let you know if we hold the relevant records needed to proceed with a search.

How much does it cost?

Based on the information you provide, PRONI staff will advise if we can offer a fee-paying service and provide an indication of the cost.  Our fees are based on work involved and any additional costs, such as specialist copying, certification and postage. 

The charges for PRONI’s enquiry service depend on how complex the query is. Standard search and copying fees are listed below.



Fee Ex-VAT                


A search fee will cover PRONI staff searching for specified information in a particular archive (excluding any additional fees incurred), over an identified 10 year period, for each 15 minutes expended. (Fee includes a complimentary reference paper/digital copy of any result found).













A Copy administration fee (per up to five items ordered/ 15 minutes staff time expended).                                                               


One or more of the reprographic (copy) charges below.          












Fee Ex -  VAT










A0       £27.80


REPROGRAPHIC FEE - DIGITAL COPIES                                                                                                           


Fee Ex - VAT              

New Digital Image



Digital Image already held by PRONI                                          £3.40        £2.83

CERTIFICATION OF PAPER    COPIES                                                                                 


Fee Ex- VAT       

Certification per Paper page        £3.80        £3.17

Minimum Charge £1 

You can find more information about our charges on the PRONI web pages

Do remember, if you have the chance to visit PRONI in person, there are no charges for carrying out your own personal research. If you are visiting PRONI please note, you need to be a registered visitor to research and consult the archives.  To register, remember to bring photographic identification.  Once registered, you must bring your Visitor Pass each time you visit PRONI for research. For more about visiting PRONI and registration, click on our Your Visit pages.



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