Are there any fees and charges?

This page explains what PRONI charges for when using our facilities.

Please note the new Statutory Rule 'The Public Use of the Records (Management and Fees) Rules (Northern Ireland) 2016'  came into effect on the 15th December 2016.

There is no charge made to visitors carrying out their own personal research in PRONI.

For copy requests made onsite at PRONI there are charges for the copying and certification of documents and an additional charge for postage and packaging if copies need to be mailed out.

For remote copy requests (e.g. those received via post or email), a service charge is also added to the copying/postage costs.

Please note that some documents cannot be copied on preservation grounds or due to copyright restrictions.

PRONI continues to offer a limited search service, where a fee is payable per search conducted.

A full scale of fees payable for the inspection, search and copying of certain public records and for the handling and certification of such copies is available under the new Statutory Rule 'The Public Use of the Records (Management and Fees) Rules (Northern Ireland) 2016'  which came into effect on the 15th December 2016.

Personal digital photography is currently permissible in the reading room only, no photography is allowed in the public search room.  Visitors are allowed to photograph most documents (excluding those with specified copying restrictions) free of charge using their own digital camera, mobile phone or tablet.  This will be subject to signing a copying and copyright declaration. 


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