Over 80 Pension

The Over 80 Pension is a state pension for people aged 80 or over who have little or no State Pension. It's not based on National Insurance contributions.


You can claim if all the following apply:

  • you are aged 80 or over
  • you don't get basic State Pension, or your basic State Pension is less than £77.45 a week in the tax year 2019-2020
  • you were resident in Great Britain or Northern Ireland for at least 10 years out of 20 (this doesn’t have to be 10 years in a row) - this 20 year period must include the day before you turned 80 or any day after
  • you were ‘ordinarily resident’ in the UK, Channel Islands, Isle of Man, Gibraltar, a European Economic Area (EEA) country or Switzerland on your 80th birthday or the date you made the claim for this pension, if later.

You are not eligible for the over 80 Pension if you reached State Pension age on or after 6 April 2016.

To find out which countries are in the European Economic Area, visit the following nidirect page

How much it is worth

What Over 80 Pension you receive, depends on how much basic State Pension you get, if any.

If you don’t get the basic State Pension or you get less than £77.45 a week, you could get the difference paid up to this amount.

If you’re 80 years old and you get £45 a week State Pension, your State Pension may be topped up by £32.45, to £77.45 a week.

Effect on other benefits

The Over 80 Pension counts as taxable income, so it may affect other income-related benefits you're getting.

You must include the Over 80 Pension as income if you're claiming other benefits.

How to claim

You can get Over 80 Pension forms from the Northern Ireland Pension Centre or your nearest Social Security / Jobs and Benefits office.

What to do if your circumstances change

If your circumstances change it could affect your eligibility for the Over 80 Pension.

It's important that you contact the office that deals with your payments, as well as the Northern Ireland Pension Centre, if:

  • you go into (or leave) hospital or a local Health Trust funded care home
  • leave the UK to live abroad, or for a long visit
  • move house
  • change your bank account

Further information

If you have more questions about the Over 80 Pension, contact the Northern Ireland Pension Centre:

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