The ‘Kindertransport’ brought groups of children to the United Kingdom from Germany, Austria, Poland and Czechoslovakia just before World War Two. Those who remained in the UK paid towards a UK State Pension and could benefit from legislation introduced in 2008.

Kindertransportees and the German State Pension

In the early 1990s, Germany changed it's pension laws to give the Kindertransportees a German State Pension. However, for many, their new German State Pension was affected by their UK insurance record for years before 1948.

Since 2008, these years can be removed if this will make Kindertransportees eligible for a higher German State Pension.


You might be eligible if all of these apply:

  • you came to the UK before June 1940  as part of the Kindertransport 
  • you paid into UK State Pension insurance before 1948
  • your entitlement to a German State Pension was reduced or lost by the UK State Pension insurance paid before 6 April 1948

Surviving wives or husbands might also be able to benefit if the Kindertransportee has died. 

Children could benefit, depending on how long ago their parent died. 

How to apply

Contact the International Pension Centre, if you think you may be eligible. 

The International Pension Centre can amend your UK State Pension insurance and it will not affect the UK State Pension you get.

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