Mental health support

If you have a mental health difficulty, there are services in your area that can provide the help and support you need. This includes your GP and specialised healthcare professionals.

Services in your area

To search for any services available in your Health and Social Care Trust area, go to:

Friends and relations

Friends and relations often notice changes in you. They become concerned. Talking to them may be a relief to them and helpful to you.

You can take someone with you to a doctor's appointment if you're worried about going alone.

If you’re under 18

Talk to your parents or someone with parental responsibility for you. You could also talk to a teacher, youth worker, doctor, or contact Childline. It's free to telephone Childline. You don't need to tell them your name.


Your college or university may have a counsellor you could talk to. For more information, contact student services at your college or university.

Nightline is a confidential telephone support service for students, run by students. You can find out about Nightline services in your area on the National Nightline website.

Other support

Other people who may be able to help are health visitors, employers, charities and self-help groups.

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