Community care options

Many mental health problems are treated by seeing your doctor, nurse or other care worker in your own home or at your doctor's surgery. You may also be treated as an outpatient at your local hospital, where you do not stay in hospital but go for your appointment only.

Community mental health services

There are community services available to support your medical care. Your health worker can tell you if you are eligible.

Day care

Help at home with everyday tasks

The local health and social Trust can provide services such as meals on wheels and home help if they think this support will help you stay in your home or community.

You need a community care assessment to get these support services.


Supported housing and group homes

Supported housing and group home schemes provide furnished housing for people who can live independently but benefit from having access to support workers.

You need a community care assessment to get a place in a supported  housing scheme.


Hostels provide short-term housing to encourage independence while supporting your needs. Workers include nurses, social workers and mental health support workers.

Residential care and nursing homes

Residential social workers, nurses and mental health support workers can provide 24-hour care. This is for people who need a high level of care and find it hard to manage in their own home.

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