Landlord Registration process

All private landlords in Northern Ireland must register before they let a new tenancy. If you don't register as a landlord, you may be committing an offence and could be fined up to £2,500.

Private landlords 

Landlords who rent private properties to tenants in Northern Ireland must register and pay a registration fee.

You must provide accurate, current information about:

  • yourself
  • your properties
  • joint owners

How to register

You can register:

You can download an application form to register as a landlord or renew your landlord registration.

You can collect a form in local council or Land & Property Services offices.

You can also contact the helpline and ask for a form:

  • telephone 0300 200 7821

Information you must give when registering 

To register as a landlord, you must provide:

  • your full name
  • your date of birth
  • your address, email address, telephone numbers, including mobile telephone numbers
  • a postal address that must be in Northern Ireland if different from above
  • company registration number if the landlord is a company
  • name, address and contact number of any agent acting on your behalf
  • address and postcode for each property let or to be let
  • year each property was built
  • name and contact details of any joint owners
  • House in Multiple Occupation registration certificate number if applicable to a property        

You must sign the form and pay the fee.

Landlord of a house in multiple occupation

You don't pay the landlord registration fee if you paid to register a house in multiple occupation under a House in Multiple Occupation Registration Scheme.

Registering joint owners of a property

All joint owners are responsible for the property. If you have a conviction as the landlord, legal proceedings require that all owners are named.

To register a joint owner group, one landlord must:

  • complete the registration process
  • record the other joint owner landlords' names
  • pay one registration fee

Registration fee

The fee is:

  • £70.00 for online or telephone registration
  • £80.00 using a paper registration form

If you registered and created keycodes for other joint owners

If you registered as a landlord recently and created keycodes for other joint owner landlords:

  • you must give each landlord their keycode
  • you should ask them to register as a landlord as soon as possible

If you have a keycode and need to register as a joint owner landlord, go to:

Registering as a joint owner landlord

A joint owner landlord must:

  • select Register as a joint owner
  • follow the steps to create your log in account

You’ll receive an activation message to your email address. Click the activate link in the message. 

When you have activated your account, you need to log in and complete your registration.

You need to:

  • select Register as a joint owner
  • log in by entering your email and password
  • enter your keycode
  • confirm property address
  • enter your personal information

Enforcement action against an unregistered landlord

All landlords who jointly own a property must register with the Landlord Registration Scheme. If you aren't registered, the council can take enforcement action against you including a fine or prosecution or both.

Voluntary information when registering

Under the Landlord Registration Scheme, you must give details listed above in "What information must I provide?" 

For each property, you can provide voluntary information about: 

  • the number of reception rooms and bedrooms
  • the type of heating
  • the type of glazing/doors
  • the energy performance
  • whether you as the landlord would consider longer term/more secure leasing

Where relevant, the information gathered may be published to help landlords and tenants. No individual or group will be identifiable from any information published.

Landlords registered on the scheme

When registered, you'll receive a registration certificate with a unique registration number.

You will also receive advice, guidance and links to information about the private rented sector.

Landlords who don't register or provide false or partial information

You commit an offence if you don’t register or you provide false or partial information on the landlord register.

If you don't register as a landlord, the council can:

  • issue you with a fixed penalty up to £500
  • prosecute you in court where you could be fined up to £2,500

If you live in private rented accommodation and your landlord isn’t registered with the scheme, you can ask the local council to investigate.

Registration process

The amount of time to complete online registration depends on the number of properties you have.

It takes longer when using a paper registration form. 

Certificate and registration  number

Once you provide all  necessary information and your payment is processed, your unique landlord registration number is automatically generated.

If you register online and request online confirmation, you should receive this within 24 hours. It takes longer to process a paper registration form. 

You will also receive a toolkit, which provides advice and guidance for landlords. You can ask for this in different formats.

Renewing your registration

Your registration lasts three years from the date of your first registration. You need to register every three years to make sure the information held is accurate and current.  

To renew your landlord registration online, go to:

You can download an application form to renew your landlord registration:

You can also renew your registration by telephone:

  • 0300 200 7821

When renewing your registration, you must give details of any joint owners.

Your details change before the renewal date

Although landlords don’t need to update their details after registration, you can update your registration information to make sure the register is accurate.

You can also manage or amend registration information about your agent online or by telephone.

There is no fee to amend your details on the register. 

Lost certificate or registration number

To request a replacement certificate, or find your registration number, go to:

You can print a copy of your certificate, or contact the helpline:

  • telephone: 0300 200 7821

There is no fee for a replacement certificate.

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