Information for landlords who use agents

If you're a landlord with an agent or someone else managing your rented property or the property is sub-let, you are responsible for the property. You need to register with the Landlord Registration Scheme.

Asking an agent or company to register a landlord 

A landlord is responsible for registering their details with the Landlord Registration Scheme and paying the registration fee.

 A landlord can authorise an individual or company to register their landlord details with the scheme.

The landlord, not their agent, is responsible for providing accurate and complete registration information. 

Agent's fee for registering a landlord

The landlord and their agent are responsible for discussing and agreeing service fees. 

Letting agent's fees

If you use a letting agent to rent your property to a tenant, the agent might charge your tenant a fee for a service they do on your behalf.  Tenants can ask for these fees to be refunded by the letting agent. 

For more information, you can contact the Landlord helpline:

To read more about letting fees refunded to tenants, go to:

Agent manages rented property for an unregistered landlord

Agents are not responsible for making sure a landlord registers with the scheme. They won't be fined if a landlord doesn't follow the law.

Agents should encourage landlords to meet their legal obligations.

Landlord changes agent during the registration period

You can manage or amend your registration information online or by telephone:

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