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I made the call

Here are some people who have made the call and are benefiting. The 'Make the Call' line is operational from 9.00 am to 5.00 pm Monday to Friday (excluding bank holidays).

Jim, aged 68, from Newtownards

Jim decided to make the call on behalf of himself and his wife.

When asked about his circumstances by the advisor, Jim explained that he needed help with things like washing himself and preparing meals, and that he required assistance both day and night. He was helped to complete a successful claim for Attendance Allowance and State Pension Credit. 


Jim and Mary’s weekly income has increased by £106.61 to £320.27 and they are now also entitled to help with their housing costs, dental and optician bills, and Jim can even get help with the cost of transport to hospital for any appointments he may have relating to his illness.

Betty and Harry are in their 80s

Both Betty and Harry have some health problems and care for one another. They made the call.

Betty and Harry were struggling to pay their household bills. Harry already received Pension Credit and State Pension. Betty was getting State Pension and Attendance Allowance to help with her own care needs. They didn’t think they would be entitled to more. However, a Benefit Advisor gave them each a personal benefit assessment and found they could potentially be entitled to more.


Harry’s Pension Credit has increased by £190.60 a week. In addition he receives £81.30 a week in Attendance Allowance. Both Harry and Betty claimed Carer’s Allowance for looking after each other. There is now an extra £271.90 every week going into their household. Things are not as tight and they can get what they need.

Carole is 46, from Coleraine and cares for her mother-in-law, Fran

Carole made the call.

Carole is the main carer for her elderly mother-in-law who has arthritis. Fran claims £77.45 in Attendance Allowance. Until Carole made the call she didn’t realise she could be entitled to some benefits herself.


Carole claims £58.45 a week in Carer’s Allowance. She also received an arrears payment of over £700. This was paid in respect of the previous three months when she was entitled to the benefit but didn’t know about it.

* These are actual examples but names have been changed to protect privacy.

Make the call

Make the call and a Benefit Advisor will provide a full assessment of your entitlements.

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