How to apply for your vocational licence

Before you apply for a provisional licence to drive lorries, buses or minibuses you must have a valid, full driving licence. You also need to complete a medical examination report (DLM1). Once you are over 45 you will need to resubmit this form every five years until you are 65.

Applying for a provisional vocational driving licence

You will need to complete the DL1 application form and the medical report form DLM1. If you are applying for a passenger-carrying vehicle entitlement (PCV), that is buses or minibuses, a Basic Disclosure Certificate is also required. For further information please see the link below:

Renew your lorry, bus, minibus licence

Approximately two months before your licence expires, you should receive a DL1R form ‘application for renewal of a driving licence'. If, for any reason, you don’t receive the reminder application form you can use the DL1 ‘application for a driving licence’ form. Your new licence will be valid for five years. For further information and advice on medical requirements see the link below:

If you are applying for or renewing your lorry or bus entitlement and have any medical conditions or disabilities, or if you are over 45 years of age, you need to complete the ‘medical examination report’ (DLM1). For further detailed information on medical conditions see the link below:

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