HGV road user levy

The heavy goods vehicle (HGV) road user levy was introduced by the HGV Road User Levy Act 2013. From 1 April 2014, all HGVs with a maximum design weight exceeding 12,000 kg are required to pay an HGV levy or ‘charge’ for using the UK road network.

Cost and payment

Levy amounts vary according to the vehicle’s weight, levels of engine pollution, axle configuration and the time period during which the levy is applicable. The aim of the levy is to make sure that HGV vehicles make a contribution to the wear and tear of the UK road network.

UK registered vehicles

Operators of UK registered vehicles pay the levy in a single transaction alongside their vehicle excise duty.

Non-UK registered vehicles

Operators of vehicles registered outside the UK must pay the levy before they enter the UK. Failure to pay this charge at the right time will result in the issue of a fixed penalty of £300.

The levy can be paid by day, week, month or year and discounts are available for longer levy periods.

The foreign operator payment system is operated by Northgate Public Services on behalf of the Department for Transport.

HGV Road User Levy online payment facility can be found at:

Further information on the HGV Road User Levy can be found on Gov.uk at:

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