Conduct for driving lorries and buses

If you are applying for or currently hold a large goods vehicle (LGV) driving licence or a passenger carrying vehicle (PCV) driving licence you will have to meet a high standard of driving conduct.

Applying for a licence

When applying for a licence, you must tell Driver & Vehicle Agency (DVA) if, within the last four years, you have any convictions for breaking rules about:

  • driver's hours
  • driver's records
  • the roadworthiness of your vehicle
  • overloading of the vehicle

You do not need to tell DVA about any convictions for the above if they were more than four years ago.

Non driving conduct - drivers of PCV vehicles

In addition, if you are applying for a PCV licence for a minibus or bus, you must tell DVA about any other court convictions you have had - even if they are not to do with driving, for example, sex offences, assault, theft, murder.

If your conduct is not considered suitable you will be refused a licence. If you hold a licence and subsequently commit such offences you risk having your PCV licence revoked or suspended.

In all cases of conduct, the Department will decide whether to grant your entitlement to drive large goods vehicles or passenger carrying vehicles. In doing so, the Department will take into account all of the endorsements on your licence. They will not grant you entitlement if you are disqualified from driving.

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