Extended payment of Housing Benefit/Rate Relief

When you start a job, work more hours or earn more money, some of your benefits may stop. To help you pay rent and rates, you might get an extended payment of Housing Benefit, Rate Relief or both. This payment can last up to four weeks.

Who is eligible

You don't have to claim an Extended Payment of Housing Benefit/Rate Relief if you or your partner (and they remain your partner throughout the claim):

  • return to work full-time
  • work more hours
  • earn more money for at least five weeks 

and stopped getting one of these benefits:

Extended payment for a tenant

If you're a tenant, the Housing Executive will decide if you can get an Extended Payment of Housing Benefit/Rate Relief. They'll check how long you have been getting the benefits.

Extended payment for a homeowner

If you're a homeowner, Land & Property Services assesses if you're entitled to an extended payment of Housing Benefit/Rate Relief. They'll review how long you've been getting help to pay your rates.

You should tell LPS about changes, such as starting work or increasing your hours.

How much you will get

Normally you'll get the same amount of Housing Benefit/Rate Relief as you did before.

How you'll get the payment

Extended Payment is paid the same way as your Housing Benefit/Rate Relief.

Extended Payment when you're working

If you are going back to work and are a tenant, the Housing Executive will also decide if you can get in-work Housing Benefit/Rate Relief.

How to appeal

If you are refused Housing Benefit/RateRelief, the Extended Payment or in-work Housing Benefit/Rate Relief, you can ask the Housing Executive (if you're a tenant) or Land & Property Services (if you're a homeowner) to look again at their decision.

If you’re still unhappy with the outcome, you can appeal.

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