Bins and waste collection

The local council is responsible for collecting and disposing of waste in your area. They provide different bins for food waste, household waste and recycling. Household waste goes to landfill. To prevent contamination, it's important to separate your landfill waste from your recycling and use the right bin.

How councils collect household recycling and landfill waste

The council in your area collects your recycling and household waste from outside your home.

They give you:

  • a special box or bin for your recycling
  • a bin for household waste that goes to landfill
  • a bin for garden and food waste

Food waste

Councils collect garden and food waste for recycling from households. You must put your food waste in the right bin, not the landfill bin.

Councils can refuse to empty your landfill bin if you put food waste in your landfill bin.

When your bins and waste are collected

To check  household waste collection days in your area, you should contact your local council. You should also contact your local council if your bin is missed from the normal collection.

Council bins

If your bin is lost or stolen, you should contact your council to get a replacement. The council can charge you for a replacement bin. They can give you advice on how to secure your bin to avoid theft.

Local recycling centres

Councils have household recycling centres where you can bring your recycling. Contact your local council for centre opening times and what they accept from households.

How to dispose of bulky waste items

For more information on the disposal of large items, go to:

You can bring large items to your council's recycling centre. Contact your council's environmental services or waste management department to find out what they accept from households in your area.

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