Getting graffiti and fly-posters removed

Graffiti and flyposting are illegal, spoil both public and private property, and can be very costly to remove.

Graffiti and flyposting

Graffiti is wording or imagery that is written, painted, sprayed or scratched onto the surface of any property.

Fly-posters usually advertise or promote events and are placed without permission of the owner of the property and can take the form of stickers, signs or posters.

What your local council can do

Your local council can take action to remove graffiti and fly-posters in certain circumstances. The council can also take action against those who commit certain graffiti and flyposting offences by issuing fixed penalty notices of up to £80. 

Councils can also take prosecution action for certain graffiti and flyposting offences. For further information, you should check with your local council.

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