Applying for Pension Credit

Download and complete an application form or contact the Department for Communities to request one.

Make the Call - Pension Credit Letter from DfC
The Department for Communities is sending out this letter to alert people they may be missing out on Pension Credit.
When to apply

You can apply up to four months before the date when you start getting Pension Credit. Pension Credit qualifying age is gradually increasing in line with the increase in women's State Pension age. You can use the State Pension age calculator to find out the date you will become eligible to receive Pension Credit.

The maximum period for backdating your Pension Credit application is three months.

If you want Pension Credit to start on a past or future date, you need to tell the Northern Ireland Pension Centre when you apply.

Download a form

When you reach the qualifying age, you can apply for Pension Credit:

You can download, print and complete an application form.  When the form is complete, you can do either of the following:

  • post it to the office shown on the form
  • hand it in at your nearest Social Security/Jobs and Benefits office
  • Jobs & Benefits offices

To calculate your payment, the Department for Communities uses the date they received your form, not the date you downloaded the application form.

Ask for a form

You can get Pension Credit forms from the Department for Communities.  Contact one of their offices.

Apply by telephone

To make an application, telephone the Northern Ireland Pension Centre. Calls are free and the form will be completed for you.

Housing Benefit, Rate Relief or help with mortgage interest payments

The Northern Ireland Pension Centre can also help you apply for Housing Benefit at the same time as your application for Pension Credit.

Or you may qualify for help with your mortgage interest payments:

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