Homeowner Flood Protection Grant Scheme

If your home was flooded by external water or you live in a flood risk area, you might be eligible for a Homeowner Flood Protection Grant. The grant scheme can help homeowners make modifications to prevent flood water entering their homes.

Overview of the scheme

The grant scheme is for homeowners in residential properties at risk of flooding. They can get help to install physical barriers and equipment to reduce the impact of flooding on their homes.

The scheme can pay for:

  • door barriers
  • air brick covers
  • non return drainage outlets
  • waterproofing walls

How much a homeowner receives

The scheme pays 90 per cent of the survey and estimated installation costs up to a maxmimum of £10,000. The homeowner pays ten per cent (plus any additional cost above £10,000).

Depending on the size and type of your property,  a homeowner might pay between £350 and £750 of the overall costs. 

Process of the scheme

When they receive advance payment of £50, DfI Rivers will appoint a building surveyor to conduct a water entry survey for qualifying homes. They'll recommend protection measures for the individual property.

An experienced contractor will install the identified measures.  When they've finished, you'll get written instructions on using and maintaining the products.

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