Help for people with dementia to prevent accidents at home

Date published: 07 August 2018

People living with dementia can now get advice on how to reduce the chance of having an accident at home. Understanding the risks can help them stay independent, and live well and safely with dementia in their own home for as long as possible.

Free home safety check

People with dementia, and anyone aged over 65, are can get free home safety checks provided by home safety officers from local councils.

The checks only take around 60 minutes and offer tips on all aspects of home safety.

A room-by-room inspection will identify potential risks, and advice will be given to families of people living with dementia to make their home safer. Heating and home energy efficiency advice can also be given.

Free home safety equipment can be provided and referrals can be made for free smoke alarms and expert fire advice from Northern Ireland Fire and Rescue Service.

As dementia progresses, householders can also get a home assessment from occupational therapists working in Health and Social Care Trusts to make sure all practical support is provided.

This can include adaptations in the home (for example, alarms, sensors or support rails) and aids such as mobility aids and tracking devices.

For more information on how to get a home safety check, contact your local council.

Explain the hazards

Families and carers of those living with dementia can also help by explaining clearly all the hazards within the home and making sure the person with dementia is involved in all discussions.

Simple tips can help in some way to reassure those living with dementia, such as:

  • writing notes about turning off electrical and gas appliances  
  • having emergency phone numbers in large print beside the telephone 

All potential risks within the home should be highlighted.

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