AccessNI: Criminal record checks

AccessNI criminal record checks

Apply for an AccessNI check

Apply for a basic, standard or enhanced check... more

Costs and turnaround times

See how much basic, standard and enhanced checks cost and how long a check takes to process...more

AccessNI for employers

Information about AccessNI guidance and online services for employers... more

Using a criminal record check

You'll need a criminal record check before you can work or volunteer in certain roles … more

Guide to identity checking for signatories

Guidance on identity checking for signatories in a responsible body … more

Information disclosed in a criminal record check

A criminal record check discloses certain offences including cautions on a disclosure certificate … more

Criminal record checks for working abroad

You might need a criminal record check if you're emigrating to work or study abroad … more

Disputing an AccessNI certificate

You can dispute information on your disclosure certificate that you think shouldn’t be there or isn't correct … more

AccessNI advice and complaints

If you need advice about applying for a check or want to complain, contact AccessNI … more

AccessNI for individuals

Individuals can apply online for a basic check. You need an nidirect account to apply online … more

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