AccessNI: Criminal record checks

AccessNI criminal record checks

Apply for an AccessNI check

Apply for a basic, standard or enhanced check... more

Costs and turnaround times

Find out about costs and turnaround times for checks... more

AccessNI for employers

Guidance and online services for AccessNI employers... more

About criminal record checks

Find out more about criminal record checks, including the different levels of check, when you'll need one and disclosure certificates … more

Guide to identity checking for signatories

Guidance documents on identity checking are available for registered/responsible body signatories … more

Information disclosed about you

Find out more about the information disclosed about you, including why some offences may not appear on your disclosure certificate … more

Criminal record checks for working abroad

Find out more about getting a criminal record check if you are emigrating from Northern Ireland or going abroad to work or study … more

Disputing an AccessNI certificate

Find out how to raise a dispute if you think there’s information on your disclosure certificate that shouldn’t be there or is incorrect … more

AccessNI advice and complaints

If you need advice about applying for a check or you would like to make a complaint you can contact AccessNI … more

AccessNI for individuals

Find out more about applying for an AccessNI check as an individual, including how to apply and what information is disclosed at each level of check … more

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