Vehicle test fees

Test fees for motor vehicles, goods vehicles and public service vehicles.

Motor vehicles

Vehicle class Full test £ Retest £
Class I Motor Bicycle 22.00 14.00
Class II Motor Bicycle 22.00 14.00
Class III Light Motor Vehicle 30.50 18.50
Class IV Motor Car and Heavy Motor Car 30.50 18.50
Class V LPCV 41.50 19.50
Class VI Minibus 9-16 Seats 41.50 19.50
Class VA LPCV 17-35 Seats 65.00 32.00
Class VA LPCV 36+ Seats 81.00 44.00
Class VIA Minibus 9-16 Seats 53.50 19.50
All categories of Class A test failing on road worthiness item   19.50

Goods vehicles

Vehicle Full test £ Retest £
Light Goods 3500kg or less 30.50 18.50
HGV 2-axle 76.00 18.50
HGV 3-axle 87.00 18.50
HGV 4-axle 98.50 18.50
Articulated Lorry 2-axle 80.50 19.50
Articulated Lorry 3-axle 93.50 19.50
Trailer 1-axle 50.00 19.50
Trailer 2-axle 51.00 19.50
Trailer 3-axle or more 52.00 19.50

Public Service vehicles

Vehicle Full test £ Retest £
Omnibus Class I,II & III 90.50 19.50
Omnibus Class IA 102.50 19.50
Omnibus Class IIA 115.00 32.00
Omnibus Class IIIA 127.00 45.00
Taxis 138.50 19.50
All categories of Class A test failing on road worthiness item   19.50

Other vehicle tests

Test Full test £ Retest £
CDG\ ADR 88.50 45.50
CDG\ ADR Approved Articulated Units 28.00  

If you are unable to keep your appointment, you must give DVA at least one clear day's notice. Failure to do so will result in the loss of your fee. This excludes weekends, holidays, the day on which notice of cancellation is received and the date of the test. The last date for cancellation appears on your appointment letter.

Appeal fees

If your vehicle doesn't pass its inspection and you're not satisfied with the decision, you can appeal and have a re-examination carried out by a senior inspector.

You must make your appeal within 14 days of the decision and you will have to pay a fee. This fee is the same as the application fee for the full test. It will be refunded, either in part or in full, if your appeal is successful.

Duplicate certificates

Certificate Fee £
MOT 10.00
CDG 14.00
PSV 10.00

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