Take part in sport

Taking part in a sport or leisure activity is a great way to meet new people, have fun and stay healthy, regardless of your age or physical condition. Northern Ireland offers opportunities to take part in many sports at different levels, from beginners through to elite performers.

Sports' governing bodies

You can take part in a variety of sports, including team sports and individual sports. There are many governing bodies for sport in Northern Ireland. These governing bodies are made up of member clubs. There may be a club for your chosen sport in your area.

For information and contact details, visit Sport Northern Ireland's 'Directory of Sports'.


Participation in sport has many benefits for individuals and society. Regular physical activity:

  • helps reduce body fat
  • strengthens bones
  • improves coordination, balance and flexibility
  • boosts stamina and concentration
  • helps fight depression and anxiety

Sports facilities

There are many opportunities to play different sports at a wide range of sports facilities throughout Northern Ireland. If you want information about sports and leisure facilities, contact Sport Northern Ireland.

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