Sport and fitness

Everyone can enjoy sport without having to compete, and there are a wide range of locally-based activities that people of any fitness level can do.

Increasing activity

Regular sport and being more physically active offers a number of health-related benefits, including:

  • making you feel more energetic
  • making you feel better about yourself
  • provide a great deal of enjoyment

You can increase your level of activity just by:

  • walking more rather than using the car or taking a bus
  • doing more activities around the home and garden and putting a bit more physical effort into doing them
  • getting involved in a regular activity you particularly enjoy, such as dancing or a leisurely swim

Is being active for me?

You don't have to do an exhausting work-out, or be an Olympic athlete to be active.

You will improve your health by building up to half an hour of moderate activity - such as a brisk walk - each day.

Do activities that you enjoy and can make a regular part of your life.

There are a range of sporting and leisure activities in most areas - look in your phonebook or visit your local leisure centre or library.

Fitness NI

You can get a range of information on keeping fit and healthy from Fitness NI.

Sport and fitness in Northern Ireland

If you want to know more about sporting opportunities that may suit you, contact Sport NI. They can put you in touch with the sports organisations and people in your area who can tell you about learning, improving and taking part in sport.

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