Set up a volunteer scheme at work

Employee volunteering is volunteering that is supported by your employer, either in work time or outside work hours.

Reasons to volunteer as an employee

Many people find employee volunteering useful as they often work together as a team - creating improved team building skills through a rewarding experience. It's also a good way to lend a hand to your local community.

Employee volunteering ideas

If you are thinking about setting up an employee volunteer scheme you will need to decide what you want to do and how you would like to get involved.

Team challenges

A 'challenge' is a practical task that helps a local community organisation. Types of challenge include painting a hall, clearing a river or creating a children's playground.

Secondments and development assignments

These are short placements in community organisations for individuals and teams. All projects have a clear focus and can benefit you by improving your team building and work place skills.

Virtual volunteering

Already well established in the USA, volunteers work from their desk for groups in the UK, overseas and on the web. Examples include:

  • web research
  • email mentoring
  • 'listening' chat room
  • newsgroup supervision

Virtual volunteering is helpful if you have limited time as you can keep in touch by email or telephone.

Board membership, including school governors

Volunteers can offer professional or managerial skills to a school board or serve on the management committee of a voluntary or public sector organisation. Skills gained include:

  • management experience
  • decision-making
  • developing strategies and policy
  • organisational structure overview

How to get started

Visit your local volunteer centre's website to find out how to get started.

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