Sea angling

For sea anglers, there are a variety of shore, rock and boat fishing opportunities along Northern Ireland's coastline. The most common fish species include wrasse, cod, whiting, plaice, flatfish, turbot, mackerel, haddock, dogfish, coalfish, pollack, flounder and conger eels.

When you need a licence

There is no requirement to have a rod licence for sea angling, except when fishing for or taking salmon or sea trout. 

When sea fishing for salmon or sea trout, a game rod licence is required by law for each game fishing rod: 

Map showing DAERA and Loughs Agency fishing areas.
Map showing DAERA and Loughs Agency fishing areas in Northern Ireland

Game rod licence prices

Buy rod licence, permit

Catch and release

All salmon and sea trout caught in the DAERA fishing area and in the sea, must be returned unharmed to the water.

At the end of the fishing season, complete the DAERA angling catch return form  with details of any salmon and sea trout caught and released in the DAERA fishing area. This information helps to manage fish stocks. 

Illegal to sell rod caught salmon

It is illegal to sell rod caught salmon in the DAERA area. The ban is a conservation measure to protect wild Atlantic salmon stocks and brings Northern Ireland into line with Ireland and Britain where the ban already exists.

More on sea angling

For more information on sea angling, visit the Irish Federation of Sea Anglers' website.

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