Registration - births,deaths,marriages,civil partnerships

Information is available below about a range of registration services.

How do I register a Birth?

A baby can be registered in any District Registration Office in Northern Ireland and must be done in person. You must complete a Birth Registration Form.

How do I register a death?

A death may be registered in any District Registration Office in Northern Ireland.

You must complete a Death Registration Form and have the medical certificate cause of death issued by the Doctor or Hospital, which must be given to the relevant registrar.

For deaths referred to the coroner, they will issue a cause of death certificate directly to the relevant registration office, who will contact the next of kin to organise the registration. 

How do I register my marriage?

Couples marrying by religious ceremony should ensure that the schedule is returned to the Registrar within three days, either in person or by post.

If you do not return the marriage schedule you will not be able to order a certified copy of your marriage.

If marrying in a civil ceremony, the Registrar will register the marriage after the ceremony.

How do I register my civil partnership?

The Registrar is responsible for the registration of all civil partnerships.


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