Registering for a Housing Executive or housing association property

The Housing Executive (NIHE) and housing associations are social housing landlords. They rent their properties to people in housing need. Each housing association landlord is an independent organisation and can offer different services.

Applying for a Housing Executive or housing association property

The Housing Executive uses an application process for people who want social rented housing, They check that people are eligible for social housing. 

Application form

You need to use a Housing/Transfer application form.  You can use the form to apply for housing from all social housing landlords in the area where you want to live. 

You can download and send an application form. You can also apply by telephoning the Housing Executive:

Help to fill in the form

There are notes explaining how to fill in a Housing/Transfer application form. If you need help filling in the form, contact your local Housing Executive or housing association office.

Sending an application form

You should send your form to the Housing Executive office responsible for the area where you live. You can also send it to the nearest housing association office. They'll send it to the local Housing Executive office.

Housing officer's assessment 

When you apply for social housing, the Housing Executive will arrange for an assessment by a housing officer. The housing officer:

  • assesses your circumstances
  • checks you're eligible for social rented housing in Northern Ireland

Housing waiting list

They'll assess your housing needs under the Housing Selection Scheme. They'll discuss all housing options with you. If you're eligible, they'll put you on the waiting list for social housing. 

They'll give you information about various landlords in the area where you want to live. If you want to be housed by a particular housing association, this landlord may contact you for a follow-up visit

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