Organised crime

The criminal gangs who operate in Northern Ireland are involved in a wide range of crime areas to maximise their own gain.

Organised crime activities

Organised crime activities include:

  • internet crime
  • fraud
  • money laundering
  • excise and tax fraud (including oils fraud)
  • intellectual property crime
  • armed robbery and cash in transit attacks
  • tiger kidnaps
  • drugs
  • counterfeit currency
  • immigration crime including human trafficking

Tackling the problem

The Organised Crime Task Force (OCTF), chaired by the Justice Minister, provides a multi-agency partnership approach to tackling organised crime in Northern Ireland. It is made up of government, law enforcement agencies, the business community and voluntary groups.  

The Organised Crime Task Force Annual Report & Threat Assessment gives the public the opportunity to see what exactly is being done to tackle organised crime in Northern Ireland. You can get the latest report at the link below:

What you can do

The fight against organised criminals can only be completely effective if it has the help of the whole community in Northern Ireland. You can help by refusing to tolerate criminal activities such as drug dealing, extortion, and buying counterfeit goods or dodgy diesel.

Put a stop to it by calling Customs Confidential or Crimestoppers now.

  • HMRC Confidential: 0800 59 5000
  • Crimestoppers: 0800 555 111

Further information on the work of the OCTF is available on its website.

Paramilitary involvement

Despite the inactivity of many paramilitary groups in recent years, the move away from organised crime, while marked, has not been total. This involvement is either to fund terrorist activity or for personal gain.  

Effects of global crime

Northern Ireland has also felt the effects of globally inspired crime including:

  • cannabis factories
  • human trafficking for sexual and labour exploitation
  • internet based crime and financial fraud which can be organised by criminals in any part of the world with access to a PC

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